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Our team has decades of experience helping communities fight back against environmental pollution and build toward the future we deserve.

When neighbors join together to take on a problem, we can win. Our team has helped achieve hundreds of victories during our years in the movement. Do you and your neighbors need support?

We work alongside communities most impacted by environmental threats to take aim at polluters and build community power.


We provide training, resources, and organizing support to communities in need. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you work to protect your neighborhood from pollution.


The more connections you have, the stronger your collective voice is. We’ll help you forge relationships with communities facing similar problems and introduce you to scientific and legal experts who can break down more technical issues.


We make sure local victories set the stage for regional reform—creating a broader movement to build the world we want to be living in. We are creating a network of community leaders who go on to tackle bigger challenges after their neighborhood’s campaign is won.


Whether your community is facing polluted water, a leaking landfill, an incinerator blowing ash, or a gas pipeline in your backyard, you deserve to know the facts, make your voice heard, and make the changes you want to see.

Slingshot provides support for community groups to build power and take on polluters. When we are invited into a neighborhood, we listen to residents’ concerns, support groups in honing their  goals, and facilitate workshops to create a strategic campaign plan. We show up day in and day out as groups build the power needed to overcome polluters and unresponsive government. Throughout our work, we honor local residents’ decisions, because they know what’s best for their community.

Right now, we’re working with more than 40 communities across six states (and across the country with communities facing PFAS contamination). We provide support, training, and networking opportunities for community-based groups. Statewide and regionally, we bring community groups together to advocate for broader change  to make sure no community has to suffer the same problem ever again.

Photo Credit: Rene Theberge

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Slingshot is a vigorous, capable, and dedicated friend for any community facing an unjust polluting giant.


Carousel Photo Credits: (1) People laying down—Jerry Halberstadt; (2) Danversport rally—Jerry Halberstadt; (3) Protest signs—Rene Theberge

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