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At Slingshot, we work alongside communities to confront polluters and support and train residents to protect their right to live in communities that are healthy, vibrant, and that have clean air and water.



If you see community organizing as a key way to secure environmental justice, want purpose-driven work, a career confronting environmental racism, and a chance to create real change - we want you on our team.

We currently don't have any open positions.

However, we are always eager to connect with passionate folks who share our commitment to a healthier, more equitable world. If you're driven by the desire to make a tangible impact alongside most-impacted communities, we encourage you to stay engaged with our mission.


Here's how you can stay connected:

Follow us on social media: Get real-time updates on our work and community stories. Join the conversation and be part of a community that cares deeply about environmental justice and community organizing.

Subscribe to our mailing list: Receive updates on our work, invites to events and actions happening in your area, and calls to action.

At Slingshot you'll join a tight-knit group of passionate, dedicated individuals working to empower communities and fight injustice.


We operate through consensus building for big picture and organizational decision-making. We are a team that shows up for each other every day. We're close-knit, highly communicative, and understanding. We maintain meaningful connection through weekly staff calls, a lateral peer-to-peer support model, and in-person retreats. And though we are passionate, committed, and hard-working, we also want our team members to take the rest they need to thrive.


  • Make a difference. Your work directly confronts environmental racism and gives impacted communities the support and resources they need to take aim at polluters and win change.

  • Gain expertise. We invest in training for all of our staff to develop our skills to ensure that no matter our role, we’re showing up for communities in the most effective ways possible.

  • Join a movement. The environmental justice space is growing rapidly. Be part of shaping it—and putting communities at the center of new campaigns for regional solutions.

  • Build a new organization. As a new organization, you’ll have the chance to help grow our work and be a part of organizational decision-making and development.

  • Competitive pay. We offer competitive salaries and benefits so folks from all backgrounds can do this work.

  • Flexible work. As a fully-remote team, we support some location flexibility (depending on the role) and encourage work-life balance.

  • Supportive team. We make space to support one another's work and foster a culture of mutual support and learning.


If you want to advance environmental justice, apply today or reach out with any questions!

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