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Bernette Dawson

Massachusetts & Rhode Island Organizer

Bernette is the community organizer for MA & RI at Slingshot. She has over a decade of experience in community organizing and is known for her strong commitment to equity, anti-racism, and community building. Bernette is from Boston and has co-founded the Cambridge Families of Color Coalition, which helped establish an inclusive organizational structure and worked on strategic initiatives with the Cambridge Public School District. She has also worked as a Consultant Facilitator/Youth and Family Organizer for Cambridge Public Schools and played a key role in the Building Equity Bridges Sense-Making Team, advancing equity initiatives. Bernette's expertise lies in grassroots community organizing, workshop facilitation, campaign strategy, fundraising, and communications. She has various certificates in leadership and facilitation and has worked as a Facilitator and Equity Coach at Canopy Equity Coaching, where she led virtual coaching sessions, designed affinity spaces, and implemented accountability systems.

Bernette Dawson
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